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About Us

Flat Rate Web Support offers solutions for small businesses. Flatrate offers affordable, scaleable, and plain english answers to your website needs. Our designers will help you arrange and build a website that speaks to your customer base.

Creating Presence

Many small businesses don't have the capital, or the infrastructure, to invest in a full time web designer to manage the web site to their local storefront. FlatRateWeb offers affordable solutions to building a web presence to help local businesses drive local traffic. FlatRateWeb can build, host, manage, and market your business online. Our services will help drive local traffic to your small business.

Traditional marketing methods are dying. Web presence is essential for all businesses, not just electronic shopping carts. If small businesses wish to stay competitive on a local level, they will have to adequately market themselves on the web. Geo-segmentation technology has made it possible for a business based in Monterey market directly to individuals located in Monterey. These businesses can then take steps to make sure their websites drive traffic to their local storefronts. FlatRateWeb offers services that allow individuals to quickly build an e-presence with an emphasis on maximizing ROI.